3123 F double sided adhesive tape

The tape has been designed, in particular, for the permanent sealing of polyethylene and polypropylene bags.



Double adhesive tape for permanent bonding with a support of 12 microns thick polypropylene, covered with a high-performance synthetic rubber adhesive. The liner with which the adhesive tape is protected is made of bioriented polypropylene (BOPP), silicone, which can be hot cut and exceeds the edges of the adhesive so as to allow an easy remove, after application, even with two fingers (finger-lift). This protective material (liner) from BOPP can be delivered in three different colors: blue, red and transparent. The tape can be delivered in both roll and roll.



The tape has been designed, in particular, for the permanent closure (sealing) of polyethylene and polypropylene bags/sacks where a more efficient bonding is required than that obtained with 3813 F tape (ex: large thickness and co-extruded bags). The protective material (liner) from bioriented polypropylene allows it to be cut at low temperatures, and the adhesive makes a permanent bonding to polyethylene and other thin plastics. Due to the thickness differences of the polyethylene and polypropylene bags, the tape must always be tested before use. For very thin LDPE / HDPE bags, you must take care when removing the protective material (liner) from the tape. It always grabs from the middle of the tape.





Adhesive +carrier rubber R7 + polypropylene 117 g/m² Adhesive +carrier 0,110 mm
Liner BOPP 50 g/m² BOPP 0,050 mm




20 min 24 h TEST METHOD
Peel adhesion to steel : opened side: 1200 N/M 1200 N/M  BS 7116/1990-D


protected side: 1200 N/M 1200 N/M BS 7116/1990-D
Shear adhesion to steel: opened side: 25 h BS 7116/1990-B


protected side: 25 h BS 7116/1990-B
Liner peel adhesion 50 N/M BS 7116/1990-E




RECOMMENDED OPERATING TEMPERATURE:                                 -20°C  to 65°C.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:                                  5°C  to  50°C.



1 year under normal condition. Avoid exposure to high humidity and direct sunlight.



Based on the information received from the adhesive supplier, its components comply with the composition requirements of FDA regulation 175.105 for indirect contact with food. Moreover, there should also be a functional barrier between the adhesive and the food. This barrier must be adequate and functional, entering the responsibility of the client.

Prices and Dimensions

Dimensions (mm x m) * Price + VAT (Euro/roll)
5/10 x 1 000 36,80 Euro/roll
5/10 x 8 000 309,90 Euro/coil
6/12 x 1 000 45,70 Euro/roll
  8/15 x 1 000 57,20 Euro/roll
12/18 x 1 000 89,90 Euro/roll
15/30 x 1 000 104,90 Euro/roll
18/24 x 1 000 124,90 Euro/roll
* other dimensions are available upon request.