Dear current or potential customer,

PHOENIX INVEST SRL Bucharest is an importer and distributor of single and double-sided adhesive tapes, but also adhesive materials such as Glue Dots, velcro and other double-sided adhesive materials, etc.

We invite you to browse our web site to see the products and services we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find together the optimal solutions for the problems raised by your applications and to convince you that we are or could be a reliable partner.

The knowledge accumulated over 15 years on the Romanian market and all our experience are at your disposal to fulfill your commitments towards your clients.

Depending on the production requirements, we are able to advise you on the optimal choice of the type of tape or double adhesive material required.


The products we provide are the following:

  • Double-sided adhesive tapes
  • Single-sided adhesive tapes
  • Transparent adhesive discs

Industrial applications

The products commercialized by us cover a wide range of assemblies by gluing, with industrial and commercial applications, they can be applied almost anywhere, representing intelligent bonding solutions in the industry of:

  • Paper, cardboard and printing
  • Advertising
  • Plastic packaging (envelopes and bags)
  • Auto (banners, logos, foam)
  • Polyurethane rubber and foams
  • Foto
  • Textiles and leather goods

For the specific applications of these industries, the use of adhesive tapes and materials is the guarantee of a perfect bonding and a good value for money.

The tapes are available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths, depending on the requirements of our clients, which have increasingly complex applications, starting from tapes for general purpose applications, to tapes with high initial tack, intended for bonding difficult surfaces.. Thus, we can provide you with a wide range of adhesive tapes that are covered with hot melt adhesive, water-based acrylic (eco-friendly), rubber solvent, often acrylic, silicone solvent, as well as biodegradable (repulpable) tape.

The tapes have thicknesses from 0.03mm up to 3mm, and the delivery widths start from 3mm up to 1500mm. We can deliver any width immediately processed on our own center, using a high-performance cutting machine.

It is extremely important for a particular bonding to select the tape or adhesive material corresponding to the respective application, taking into account the quality of the surfaces and the subsequent use of the new product. Each product offered has the technical data sheet available and can be viewed on this site.

We entered this business with the conviction that it is not only enough to sell certain products but it is imperative to provide technical support for business partners, for the correct choice of the type of tape or adhesive material witch it is used in a particular application.

If you want more information on products, services or special prices, please contact our sales team by phone: 0729.012.783, or by e-mail:

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